Sunday, March 07, 2010

Mobile phones and classroom discipline

The proliferation of the former doesn't make the latter any easier, as any teacher will tell you.

Phones do too many things, is the problem. Never mind them going off in class - the little scrotes are never done texting each other, trying to plug themselves incognito into 'tunes' that sound like malfunctioning washing machines, distributing pictures of themselves doing unmentionable things and the like. Apparently one of our DHTs took a flaky at some senior pupils and found herself on YouTube for her troubles.

Yet go to take the offending device away from them and they carry on like you're going to confiscate one of their testicles or something.

That's the boys, obviously. I don't even attempt it with the girls in case I get pepper-sprayed...

Frustrating, although perhaps the Saudis appear to have swung too much the other way?
"A 13-year-old Saudi schoolgirl is to be given 90 lashes in front of her classmates after she was caught with a mobile camera phone.

The girl, who has not been named, was also sentenced to two months in jail by a court in the eastern city of Jubail.

She had assaulted her headmistress after being caught with the gadget which is banned in girl schools, said Al-Watan, a Saudi newspaper."
I'm torn on this one.

Not really. Read down and you'll see this forms part of a system of jurisprudence that facilitates crucifixion, for goodness sake.

The price of liberty is not eternal vigilance but suffering fuckwits with mobile phones. This is what Isaiah Berlin meant by 'negative liberty'.


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