Thursday, October 27, 2005

After the rain

Boring in the extreme to blog about the weather I know but it's been so weird. Dunno what it's been like where you're at but for the last five days at least it's been absolutely pissing with rain here Bladerunner style and f***ing freezing as well. If there's such a thing as this Seasonally Affected Disorder, I suffer from it and just when I'd reached the point where self-slaughter seemed an attractive idea, here comes this glorious day out of nowhere. Yellow thing appeared in the sky and it was actually warm. Felt like I was on holiday.

These are a couple of snaps of a bit of Glasgow that I can't afford to live in.

Few people can; this area competes with London for insane prices...

It really is a wonderful place when it isn't pissing with rain...

This was formerly the building of the Bible Training Institute, set up in the late nineteenth century by DL Moody, the American evangelist. These days, all manner of institutions such as churches, social work facilities and universities can no longer afford the opportunity cost of maintaining properties in the west end. Not always a good thing but in this case, the BTI is now a rather groovy pub. Call me a pagan but I think it's an improvement on the previous occupants so I went inside to celebrate the day.

It's called the Oran Mor. They hosted some SNP gig a while back but I won't hold that against them because it's really quite funky.

Sorry - enough of this estate agent shit. How was your day?

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