Sunday, October 16, 2005

Drugs row: reassessing Cameron

According to the Times, David Cameron, the youthful contender for the Tory leadership is not a fan of the Daily Mail:
"At strategy meetings before the General Election, Cameron would shudder at the mention of the newspaper's columnist, such as Melanie Phillips."
Heh - I'm suddenly warming to him. He is also, apparently...
"...the only leadership candidate not to have supported calls for the law on cannabis to be tightened again."
Sensible chap - because it was a sensible move. Also sensible is the following:
"While remaining an admirer of Margaret Thatcher, he believes that there are limits to the application of the free market..."
He's somewhat to the left of Blair then, since TB gives the impression of someone who sees no such limits. Interesting...

N.B. The line about shuddering at the mention of Daily Mail journalists appears only in the print version of the paper.

Further: Hague intervenes in the argument saying, "(I)f everyone who had ever taken drugs was denied a top post there would be some pretty big gaps in the higher ranks of most professions. " Quite.

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