Monday, October 17, 2005

Scottish Parliament wins prize

From the beeb:
"The Scottish Parliament building, which opened three years late and at £431m cost 10 times over budget, has won the Stirling Prize for architecture."

Here's some snaps of my own from my first visit a couple of weeks ago. (The bit that sticks out gives you vertigo).

Thought is was rather good myself. Lots of glass and marble to use natural light wherever possible, giving it a sort of cathedral feel...

It's the people in it that I have more of a problem with...

Yes, it certainly could've been made for less - but that was a problem with the people in it too.

P.S. Passed the SSP office, which is on the ground floor. They've gone for the student flat, circa 1970s look. Thought I had a photo but apparently not. Take my word for it - bit naff...

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