Sunday, October 16, 2005

More Cameron stuff

From the Observer:
"Former cabinet minister Michael Portillo yesterday backed David Cameron's refusal to address questions over whether or not he has taken drugs, saying his own experience in politics had convinced him this was the only way of preventing a media 'witch-hunt'."
Yup - just like wot I said earlier. The 'media mogul' Michael Green, Cameron's former employer also lent his support:
"'I think David is right to react as he has... The Mail is demanding an answer to a question he correctly won't answer.' If he did, Green said, 'where would it stop?'

He said he was convinced that Cameron, who headed Carlton's corporate communications department, was not using drugs. 'The idea that he is some kind of druggie is absolutely bizarre,' he said."
I don't need to know Cameron to recognise that this is indeed a bizarre accusation - 'druggies' generally aren't as successful as Cameron has been at his age, largely on account of the amount of energy they devote to getting wasted. If on the other hand, he's done all that, and cared for a handicapped child whilst on a skinfull of drugs, he's obviously an extraordinarily talented and resilient individual and the Tories would be foolish to let him go.

One instinctively feels drawn to the cause of anyone harangued by the Daily Mail. But maybe one shouldn't; after all, if the Tories listen to the Mail, they'll be out of power for another eight years at least.

On the other hand, there is some evidence from the west coast of Scotland that might suggest that this is not an unalloyed Good Thing, to say no more than that...

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