Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Another year, same old blood libel

This year it comes courtesy of the Socialist Worker:

Via Harry's Place. Read the comments thread and weep. Here's a brief preview:
"Why is everyone wasting so much time discussing whether the Jews were or were not responsible for Jesus's crucifiction (sic)? Christ's very existence is a work of fiction, utterly without any historical basis."
And my favourite, from the same author:
"So, what's the problem?"
Where to begin?

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Graeme said...

More brilliance from Voidis:

If anyone ever had a doubt about who killed Jesus, then Gibson's movie will clear it up for them. The Jewish priests killed Jesus, and that's final.

Gibson has often been accused of evoking racist feelings with the 'Passion of the Christ', and I would have to agree that it is true. If there is an anti-Semitic streak in someone, then that film will undoubtedly bring it forth. Does that make Gibson a racist? I'm not sure.

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