Tuesday, December 19, 2006

New Look

Purely the result of technical incompetence. Got firefox. Which made the original layout look shit. So changed it for this standard blogger fare, because that was the only thing I could work out how to do. Which is ok except I lost haloscan - so if you spent a lot of time pouring scorn on my previous posts, well I'm afraid it's gone for good.

Meanwhile in the real world, the bullshit is piling up. I've done two duvet-days in a row. One reason is that I'm genuinely a bit under the weather. The other is apparently in this place the headteacher goes around the school on the last week with a clipboard and takes a note of people who aren't giving themselves a heart-attack attempting to cram knowledge into today's disaffected youth in these last dying days of the term. This from the man who comes over the tannoy inviting us to pray for dead people - at the time of year when people of that religious disposition do that sort of thing. It's simply too much for me.

Other bullshit news: My girlfriend is going for an interview tomorrow. One of the questions is, "Describe a firefighting situation, which you dealt with. What did you do and how did you do it?" And this isn't for a post in the fire-service. There's the problem with society right there. Who was it that said bloggers shouldn't swear? Well, I think life demands it - so go fuck yourself. Merry fucking Christmas.


hakmao said...

Don't be silly - send me your Haloscan userid and I'll do the code for you.

dearieme said...

"What are you playing at, kids?"
"We're Mary and Joseph and baby Laura."
"Isn't it usually baby Jesus?"
"Oh, we didn't want a boy."

Merry Christmas. Or Lauramas.

David Duff said...

The committee has met and graciously decided to allow you a small Yuletide break but they insist that on your return, the day after Boxing Day, you take immediate steps to rid yourself of this disgusting colour scheme and return to the boring monochrome that disguises so well the brilliance of your 'apercus'.

(Christ! Did I just write that?)

Shuggy said...

You did. And I want to know:

a) What's disgusting about it? It's blue and white, for goodness sake - how easily are your aesthetic senses offended?

b) How I'm supposed to do that without losing haloscan - which is still awol and my tracker, which I've ditched completely?

SIAW said...

It might have been worse - blue on white, for instance, or (like that book Roy Strong did once) lilac on purple.
And a merry fucking Christmas to you too.

Darren said...

Looks better than the old template IMHO.

I guess it could suggest that you're a bluenose. You're not, are you?

Anonymous said...

Hmm, be very interested to hear what your girlfriend says re. the "firefighting" question. And the Man's response. Bah humbug!

Don said...

Reminds me of the old Bob Monkhouse joke, ' My uncle believed in fighting fire with fire. Cost him his job in the fire service.'

Shuggy said...

I guess it could suggest that you're a bluenose. You're not, are you?

Certainly not. I really don't care who wins at football. As long as it isn't Celtic. Because they're evil.

Darren said...

Spoken like a true Partick Thistle fan.

Colin Campbell said...

Here in Australia, kids are not indoctrinated in the public school system. They can go to the private parochial schools if the parents want it, which they are increasingly inclined to do. I like it that my kids don't know too much about Jesus and his story. Every now and again we get little snippets, presumably from other kids. To have it thrust down your throat would be too much for me now.

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