Monday, December 04, 2006

Entertaining doubts

We are - or I am, anyway - accustomed to feeling more favourably-disposed to religious believers when they admit to having doubts about their faith from time to time. Rightly so, in my view.

Perhaps those of us of an agnostic or atheist disposition should reciprocate from occasionally - share our own crises of doubt, as it were. I know I have them.

For example, here I am in a Catholic school. Now as so often is the case these days, you find yourself having to define every word that has any conceptual weight and when this veers towards religion this means you have to explain what atheist, agnostic, monotheism and polytheism mean.

See the ones who react by declaring themselves to be atheists? Complete numpties, for the most part. Let's put it this way - I don't think they'd be justified declaring themselves 'brights', as Richard Dawkins would have them do.

Comment, to coin a phrase, is free - but please take this in the spirit of levity it was intended, for goodness sake.

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