Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Reasons to celebrate Christmas #1

There's an amusing article about the Daily Mail stories of the spectre of secualrism that is threatening Christmas over at CiF. But it was the first comment under the article that caught my attention. Somebody called 'Koolio' writes:
"Christmas has been banned. What was once a pagan winter festival became the Mass of Christ to celebrate the birth of Jesus. All this has been swept aside, now it just an orgy of consumption, we are expected to buy each other gifts as a proxy for love and care, gorging ourselves with turkey and pies whilst millions abroad starve."
So in case you're understandably disposed to the bah-humbug feeling at this time of year, that's reason #1 to celebrate Christmas right there. 'Tis the time of year where we can gather with friends and family - and stick two fingers up to the puritans.



Shuggy said...
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Colin Campbell said...

Not being religious, but with a young family we are reluctantly dragged into the orgy of consumerism that is Christmas. I wonder some days about what our kids will make of Christmas and what it is about, since they have had precious little religious or cultural input or context, other than a long list of requirements from Santa Claus or whoever it is that brings those cool presents that roll around at this time of year.

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