Sunday, December 03, 2006

The exhaustion epidemic

Louise Carpenter has a piece in today's Observer about tiredness and modern life.

It looked interesting but I'm too knackered to read all of it.

Actually, I think it's the weather and the lack of sunlight. It can't be a coincidence that an article like this comes out now and not in the spring.

That and work. It's not so much that we work longer hours - well, I don't anyway. It's the feeling of being monitored all the time. This combines with the feeling that one of the things that is monitored more than ever before is your attitude. I hate this and am genetically incapable of being 'positive' on command so spend an undue amount of working time explaining to 'line-managers', many of whom in a previous life must have worked for goddam Butlins or something, what the word 'cynical' means and by extension why they are wrong to apply this to me.

I mean, seeing signs like this one above immediately make me feel tired. [This one's outside the RE department. I think the irony was unintentional.]

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S. Evil said...

That's why I like these people so much:

I probably am a cynic, however.


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