Friday, March 16, 2007

Binge-drinking in Europe

The Irish are the worst for it. Or the best at it, depending on your perspective.

The Flying Rodent rightly considers this a slur on our national character but forgets that these statistics haven't been controlled for lightweights south of the border who clearly aren't pulling their weight.

Have to say this puzzled me slightly:
"In recent years there has been much concern about underage drinking on Irish streets on Saint Patrick's Day and some of the resulting problems, including violence, our correspondent says."
That's only one day! What does this mean, exactly? Is this a concern time-limited to the 17th of March? Is nonchalance the attitude towards teenagers getting ripped out of their tits the other 364 days of the year?

Or is it that having started on St Patrick's day, the average Irish adolescent says, "Fuck it - might as well keep this going until Christmas."?


Uncle Joe said...

The Irish are only worst because the UK is taken as a whole. Scotland has highest rates of binge drinking and deaths causd by alcohol in Europe. Be proud. So, is there something about livingin Scotland that makes folk drink themselves to death, or are we just all devil may care free spirits?

Shuggy said...

Not sure but surely the goddam weather at least makes a contribition?

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I would choose best. And as for Scots - surely the best drink ever produced on this globe could provide a justification enough? At least in my book it does. So here.

dearieme said...

Nuncs: The Scots are only worst because Scotland is taken as a whole. Glasgow has highest rates of binge drinking and deaths causd by alcohol in Europe.

DrFeelgoodSteve said...

To be fair, the report proves absolutely nothing since it only asked people for their opinions on whether or not they binge drink, which is not exactly a scientific test. All it proves is that the Irish have the least shame in admitting that they get hammered.

Although, actually, further investigation reveals that since the definition of 'binge-drinking' is a mere five alcoholic drinks, I think it safe to say I binge several times in an average week, but not by very much each time.

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