Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Prince Charles - walking argument for republicanism

Max Hastings on Chuck's latest foray into topics he should, as heir to the throne, shut his gob about:
"It is hard not to sympathise with the prince as a man, driven almost mad by the frustrations of his role."
Speak for yourself, Tory boy. I personally find the whole not sympathising with Charles incredibly easy. Effortless, you could even say. The sub-title to the article says, "The prince mistakenly imagines he is equipped to sermonise. To succeed as king, he must replace activism with discipline."

Way to go Max - is that you speaking truth to power? Why not consider this instead? The guy's going to be sixty next year, ok? I've read me Burke, understand the concept of duty and all that but if this numpty hasn't been able to work out what his is after all this time when he's had SFA else to do, there's not much chance of him getting it now, is there?

Evidence that republics can produce equally dense heads of state is obviously copious. But provided said republic is a democracy, you don't have to put up with them for quite so long, now do you?

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Newscounter said...

Prince Charles' Foundation for Integrated Health has responded to the claims on the documentary.

You can read their response and judge it for yourself here:

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