Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The strange case of Take That

Alex Needham observes that while Take That's star is in the ascendant, Robbie's wanes. He asks - co-incidence?

It is, I have to confess, largely beyond me. One of my colleagues, for example, attempted to buy Take That tickets, failed, was visibly disappointed and in all this made no attempt to conceal her shameful musical preferences. It may be the most positive interpretation one could give for this bizarre phenomenon would be to say no, it's not a co-incidence - and that this shows the British public do in fact have limits to their capacity to absorb shit music.

This is probably an over-optimistic interpretation but I'm going with it because it raises the possibility that the current popularity of Snore Patrol* will eventually reduce the present inexplicable demand for U2 recordings. I would favour this on the grounds that the lead singer - whose name I'm happy to say I don't know - does not to my knowledge think he's the Messiah, as yet.

Let's. Chase. Cars.

Yes, go and play in the traffic, why don't you?

Snore Patrol: Less interesting than a mashed-potato sandwich, yet more bearable than U2.

*Warning: turn down speakers. This link emits unsolicited noise.


KB Player said...

My colleague tried to persuade the head of our department that a corporate outing to Take That, the ticket including a free bar, was justifiable as part of business development. She was refused on health and safety grounds (her health, Take That's safety).

Glad to see you blogging again.

dearieme said...

A deep-fried, battered, mashed potato sandwich? Delish!

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