Friday, March 16, 2007

Spotting cannabis factories

These are the tell-tale signs, according to this piece from the beeb:
1) Windows are permanently covered from the inside

2) Visits occur at unusual times of the day or night

3) People often do not live in the premises and only visit

4) Cannabis or used fertiliser will be removed in bin bags or laundry bags

5) Compost bags or gardening equipment may be left outside

6) There may be a pungent smell
I'm not happy about this.

Pungent smell? Ok, maybe my hygiene isn't always as it should be.

And I really should open the curtains more often.

It's my neighbour that's into gardening, ok?

I agree I sometimes keep odd hours.

But the point is, the only one that never applies to me here is 4, which is the only one that pertains to a crime being committed.


Bill said...

Sorry you're offended and I take your point, but those pointers seem at the very least like a pretty good place to start - although no doubt some other factors could be looked at, too. For example communication with neighbours, avoidance thereof.

In the real world this exact situation, with hindsight, appears to have occurred in the home of relatives of mine (in Holland) when it was rented out long-term and the tenant had eventually to be evicted by court order for non-payment of rent. What the house was very probably being used for has only become clear since then because of the internal damage that has been done (high humidity, little venitlation, mould); ALL of the factors you list applied, plus the one I mentioned - maybe there are other relevant factors which could act as a pointer, too.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

So, Shuggy, they could try to get you on circumstancial evidence. Anyway, what is a going price for a half pound?

Still, jokes aside, binge drinking is preferable, all things considered.

Uncle Joe said...
This makes interesting reading.

Don said...

Binge drinking is preferable? How?

Anyway, cannabis grown under artificial lights causes headaches. Pay the premium, get the good stuff.

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