Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The personalisation of politics

It gets a bit much sometimes, doesn't it? Like with the news that apparently our Gordy had his teeth drilled without anaesthetic:
"Mr Brown made the apparently painful decision because he did not want his mouth to freeze up just hours before he was due to deliver a speech.

The root canal work was carried out by Mervyn Druain of Belsize Park, London.

He told The Sun newspaper that Mr Brown had been "perfectly relaxed" and "did not flinch or grimace at any stage"."
He did this to avoid the old dentist face because, one assumes, he thought it would be a bit embarrassing to be caught on camera dribbling whilst outlining his plan for more press-ups for immigrants.

Assuming the sultans of spin had a hand in this story, you're left wondering what the fuck is the subtext here? Vote for Gordon because he has a lower threshold for pain or something?

Well I've got an alternative take. I've had root canal treatment. It's not fun. I would therefore take the idea that making some stupid speech is worth experiencing this without anaesthetic as evidence that you've went done gone lost your damn mind, ok?

Gordon Brown: possibly a mentalist.


Rick said...

I always knew those dour Presbyterians were tougher than the Catholics.

I bet Gordon said to Ruth Kelly, "Spiked garters and flagelleation? Pah! I've had root canal treatment without anasthetic."

Anonymous said...


Vote Gordon ‘cos he’s hard!

He nuts pain in the face he does.

He's so hard he only wears a “T” shirt outside a club in mid winter.

He’s so hard he has root canal work done for fun!

In your face Dave the Chameleon.

Phil A

james higham said...

You'd have to be off your brain and I don't beleive he did it. I had no pain but that's because I was anaesthetized to the eyeballs. Even then it wasn't my favourite day out.

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