Monday, June 25, 2007

New 'theme-based' education

The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority have unveiled their latest idea, which they have called the 'Blind-Leading-Blind Educational Initiative'. Ok, they didn't really call it that:
"Instead of separate teaching in geography, history, citizenship, ICT and drama, a third of the week will be devoted to cross-curricular lessons of up to three periods. Teachers will work together in teams of three to plan the lessons, some of which would involve four class groups beginning their work together in the assembly hall.

Other innovations among the seven QCA case study schools include two which have suggested Year 11 pupils could help with teaching: one school even suggesting they could be paid for it."
The article's entitled, "Thinking outside the box".

Well, it's certainly out the box...

Who was it that said, "There are two kinds of fool: one says, 'It is old, therefore it is good'; another says, 'It is new, therefore it is better'."?


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