Friday, June 01, 2007

Pocketbook devolution

Simon Jenkins asks:
"Where is the heart of the new "nationalism" sweeping Britain's Celtic fringe?"
I think it's questionable that there is a new nationalism sweeping Britain's 'Celtic fringe', but we'll park that one for now and take a look at Jenkins' argument, which suggests it is really 'pocketbook devolution':
"So far it has seemed little more than a bid to spend British subsidies more generously than the English can. The Scots revel in freeing their students and elderly of fees. The Welsh give away prescriptions. Ian Paisley and Gerry Adams refuse to speak to each other until their mouths are stuffed with English gold."
Revel? Who revels? I don't do any revelling when it comes to free care for the elderly or goddam student tuition fees - and I don't know anyone who does. There's a distinct lack of revelling going on here.

Conclusion: Jenkins may have a point - but on the other hand he might want to consider the possibility that the growth of 'nationalism' on the 'Celtic fringes' is being fuelled by irritation with patronising Tory tossers like Simon Jenkins? Just a thought.

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