Friday, June 01, 2007

Searching pupils

Francis Gilbert has an article in the Times today about giving teachers the powers to search pupils. He doesn't think this is nearly enough:
"Simply giving teachers the legal right to search pupils for weapons isn’t enough. We need to break up our larger schools into smaller, more manageable units. Above all, we must tighten the law even further so that teachers know they won’t be sued or sacked if they physically stop fights or challenge misbehaviour that blights Britain’s secondary schools."
Agreed - but I don't think this goes far enough either. The power to search pupils for weapons is something I'm not too fussed about; I feel the contents of the average teenage boy's pockets isn't something I want to see on a regular basis. Imagine how much minging detritus you'd be confronted with before you actually found a weapon?

Instead - as I've said before - I want weapons of my own, goddamit. Tear gas, batons, guns that fire plastic bullets - that kind of shit. Maybe some marshal arts training too.

And I like the idea of breaking up larger schools, although I hope this is being taken literally. The last one I was in, for example, should be taken out with a bunker-busting bomb. One with depleted uranium, naturally.

I want to go home.

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