Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Against "inner"

I don't mean practical things like the inner-tubes of tyres and stuff or where it has a clearly-identifiable meaning, like Max Weber talking about "inner-worldly asceticism" and things like that.

But there are occasions when the use of the word should definitely trigger "inner" alarm bells.

Like when people go on about "inner-peace". It's perhaps cynicism on my part but in my experience, folks do this as a sort of last resort - after all the more practical and exterior avenues of happiness have been exhausted.

And as for people getting in touch with their "inner-child" - all I can say is that this should surely be banned in enclosed public spaces?

Now we have Blair claiming to have "inner-confidence". I mean, would he care to share what this internal confidence is actually based on? Has he been getting in touch with his "inner-straight guy" again?

There's more here.

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