Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New bouncy castle for Sheridan

Ok, a new political party:
"Tommy Sheridan has distanced himself further from the Scottish Socialist Party by announcing details of a new party to be launched this weekend.

Solidarity - Scotland's Socialist Movement is to be led in its first few weeks by the former SSP leader and SSP MSP Rosemary Byrne."
Funny. I'm sure I saw him on the telly before the trial declaring his intention to re-stand for the leadership of the SSP. "It's my party", he explained - stamping his feet. Well, practically.

So what's changed? After all, he did win his defamation case, didn't he? Yet obviously the 'cabal' has grown to the extent that Sheridan is no longer confident that he can re-take the party. Now I wonder why that it?

George Galloway, Tommy Sheridan - the more people see of them, the less they like them. Up here we know this because they were made in Scotland and we see what they are made of up close and personal. Deranged London-based Trots take note: you could save yourself further embarrassment if you paid a wee bit more attention.

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