Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Teachers call for parenting lessons?

A report from the Scotsman claims, "Teachers want compulsory lessons to be given to teenagers in school on how to be good parents."

Well, I certainly didn't call for that and I don't know anyone who would. Generally speaking we hate that kind of stuff. Why on earth would anyone think teachers are better placed than anyone else to teach "parenting skills" for goodness sake?

Anyway, turns out it isn't "teachers" at all but the Professional Association of Teachers, a union with about four members who have a no strike policy.

I'll not be joining that. If anyone even suggests I should take a class teaching adolescents how to "parent", I'll be downing pencils and manning the barricades, let me tell you. I didn't go to university to learn how to change goddam nappies. I didn't need to. I mean, it's not exactly rocket science, is it?

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