Monday, August 28, 2006

Rolling your own at the Rolling Stones

Like many of Glasgow's elderly community, I could be found at the Stones gig at Hampden on Friday. It's more an exercise in nostalgia than anything else. While Mick Jagger has more energy than I ever had, it involves no exaggeration to say Charlie Watts and ol' Keef aren't quite as sprightly as they used to be.

Still, it was pretty damn good: got in for free, there was a bar you could actually get to and you could sup your beer, have a puff and speculate that while you can't always get what you want - sometimes you'll find you get what you need.

Nobody, including the copious police and security guards, seemed to give a fuck - which was good.

Keef, as I see has reached the national media, got carried away with the atmosphere and in a moment of frenzied hedonism sparked up a fag in the enclosed public space you can see in the photo.

But the ever vigilant Glasgow City Council has received news of this reckless endangerment to the public health and they assure us they have people investigating the matter:

"A city spokesman said: 'This has been brought to our attention and we will be looking into it. Glasgow city council takes its responsibility for enforcing the smoking ban very seriously.'"
The older I get, the less I understand. How it is possible to utter something like this, never mind intend to carry it out, without shortly afterwards asking yourself, "But what has become of me?", is completely beyond my comprehension.

"If found guilty of smoking, Richards would have to pay a £50 fine. The manager of any premises who allows others to smoke can also be fined £200."
If found guilty of smoking! Whether the 'city spokesman' had a damn mind to lose in the first place is I think highly questionable.

Hampden Stadium, Glasgow. Clearly some very large cigarettes have been lit here. Alert the authorities!

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