Sunday, August 13, 2006

People losing their damn minds: the director's cut

That, as everyone knows, means it goes on much longer than it should. I'm referring of course to the on-going madness that is the SSP's internal politics. Katherine Trolle, one of the evil-doers responsible for tarnishing Tommy's halo, has given an exclusive interview to the Observer:
"Before leaving for Edinburgh airport, she scanned Tuesday's Daily Record. When she reached pages 4 and 5, she sighed heavily. Under the headline 'I am fit to lead' was a photograph of Sheridan lifting weights, doing sit-ups and jogging with a reporter. 'Oh, Christ Almighty,' Trolle said. 'How could I ever have been so stupid?'

She read out one of his quotes: 'Being fit and healthy is vital for me and for my family. The fitter I am, the harder I can fight those who tried to destroy me.' Shaking her head in disbelief, she said: 'I think I am actually beginning to feel quite sorry for him.'"
Me too. Mental illness is no laughing matter. Tommy is going to need our support. There's much much more evidence of some fairly radical damn mind loss. For instance:
"Since successfully suing the News of the World, the Sheridans have hardly been out of the media, with talk of book deals and festival shows to follow. They sold their story to another tabloid and completed their transition to full-blown media celebrity couple when Sheridan agreed to pose topless for photographer Harry Benson."
I'm happy to say a Google search has, on the first page at least, failed to come up with the offending picture.

Katherine Trolle, who is Danish, said she did not have enough words in English "to say what I think of Tommy Sheridan." I think I do. However, what I do not have is two hundred thousand pounds, so I better not.

Anyway, apparently six more comrades have joined the 'gender-obsessed cabal' that was clearly out to assassinate the career of the Great Leader:
"[S]ix of Glasgow's most influential grassroots members, all of whom previously shared the same platform as the former SSP leader, said they felt compelled to come forward after Sheridan branded lifelong socialists 'scabs' and threatened to destroy them. In a letter to the Socialist Voice newspaper, they said they could no longer stand by and watch the 'grotesque, Orwellian' situation."
My, I had no idea that quite so many people were embroiled in this nefarious plot. It's almost unbelievable.

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