Friday, June 17, 2005

Cameron declares candidature for Tory Party

From the Guardian. It's a sign of ageing: not only do policemen look younger to me these days, but if Cameron won, that would mean both the leader of the Tories and the Shadow Chancellor were younger than me. Depressing. Nowadays, the only person I can guarantee being younger than is a judge - and I can only enjoy that experience by getting myself arrested, which I really need to stop doing.

In the same piece, Theresa May - who hasn't ruled herself out of the leadership - apparently urged the party to become "more female".

Now, I'm all in favour of people getting in touch with their female sides but the Tories? They could try but I fear some horrible spiritual equivalent of a collective drag act. It would be much worse than when Hague had all the Tory MPs away for an informal "bonding" weekend. They all turned up in their casual clothes - a very disturbing spectacle.

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