Friday, June 17, 2005

Politicians are positive dopes

From the Metro:
"THE POLITICIANS MUST have thought it a good idea - suggesting colleagues volunteer to try out a new drug detection gadget.

But after urging them to take part, William Graham got a shock - when he tested positive for cannabis. Traces of the drug were found on the Welsh Assembly member's fingers.

'I can't think where I could have got it from,' said Tory Mr Graham. He arranged with police to demonstrate the £40,000 Ion Track drug detection system to assembly members in Cardiff Bay.

A swab of Social Justice Minister Edwina Hart's hands also proved positive. But their results were caused by cross-contamination of the drug from money, door handles or other public areas.

'It can come out of cash, out of a cashpoint, a beer mat, or anything else,' said Ms Hart."
It wasnae me - what an original excuse. And if they're not telling porkies, what's the point of the technology?

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