Thursday, June 09, 2005

Morrison investors battered by profits warnings

From the Scotsman: Good - I hate Morrisons. While there may be lots of Waitroses, Asdas and Sainsburys elsewhere in the country - Glasgow used to be almost completely dominated by Safeways, now Morrisons.

I live round the corner to one that's about the size of a small country - and it's complete pants:
"But Morrison has struggled to integrate Safeway against a trading backcloth of slower consumer spending and intense price competition, and amid rumours many Safeway's customers have been put off by Morrison's more budget-focused offering."
I'll confirm that rumour: ok, it's cheaper and with a sproglet to cater for, this would be no small advantage to me were it not for the fact that the goods are so pish, you have to fork out for a better brand in order to get something of a decent quality. I mean, what's the point in getting "two for the price of one" bin-liners when you have to use two to stop anything heavier than an empty packet of crisps from ripping the bottom of the bag?

And the staff since the takeover all look completely miserable; what the hell have the management being doing to them? Hope they go bust and get taken over by someone decent.

Anyway, moaning about supermarkets - my life is officially over and I will be killing myself in due course...

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