Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The pressing issue of the day

is, why does my living room smell of cat piss? I'm looking for a scientific explanation and I've eliminated the following:

1) My cat - because I don't have one.

2) My neighbour's cat. I know they're more intelligent than dogs and all that - but I think house-breaking is beyond the average moggy.

3) Me. You might be thinking I'm the sort of person who would come home drunk and relieve myself on the living-room carpet. Well, maybe after several libations, the old accuracy isn't what it should be - but I'm not that bad.

I know how: my son barfed copiously on the carpet on Saturday but I'm mystified as to why it now, after being cleaned, smells like cat piss.

This is a sort of "notes & queries" plea because I don't think the pong will make me attractive to women at all.

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