Friday, June 03, 2005

Prospect of a re-alignment at Holyrood?

Via Bill (Happy Birthday, btw) from the Scotsman - where the probably unlikely but intriguing possibility of a deal between the two parties who opposed the devolution settlement from the beginning: the Tories because they didn't want any kind of political power repatriated to Scotland and the SNP, for whom devolution didn't go far enough.

Despite not being a fan of either party, it would be at least a welcome change for them to get real and realise devolution's here to stay for the time being. Some people (not me, heaven forbid!) might unkindly suggest that they have more in common than is commonly supposed: the SNP used to be dubbed "the Tartan Tories"; dunno if SNPers still go all purple when you call them that - you'd have to ask this man.

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