Thursday, June 16, 2005

Conservative MPs reclaim the power to choose leader

From the Scotsman:
"CONSERVATIVE MPs moved last night to reclaim from the party's rank-and-file membership the power to name a leader.

The move could hurt the ambitions of David Davis, whose support is strongest among party activists, although Tory insiders said last night that the shadow home secretary remains favourite to replace Michael Howard."
A very wise move, methinks - for the following reason:
"Before he gives up his post in the autumn, Mr Howard wants to replace the rules that allow grassroots Tories to pick a leader, a process that prompted the election of Iain Duncan Smith in 2001."
One is always inclined to think: internal party democracy = Good Thing. But let's face it, this is the Tory party we're talking about here and their rank and file activists hail - as often as not - from the mad-dog wing of the party. You know, the lot that turn up to the party conference baying for blood, drooling in anticipation that some group of social deviants are to be flogged and/or corralled on a lonely desert island somewhere, by an incoming Tory government. The lot whose presence makes otherwise reasonably intelligent people like Portillo make a complete and utter arse of himself (Remember his "Who dares wins" speech? What a complete berk...).

It's probably a sign that the Tories realise the state they're in that they see the need to change the selection process for the leadership. The next positive step they should take is a public beating for the next idiot who starts banging on about Tony Martin...

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