Sunday, January 22, 2006

The best small nation in the world?

Despite three wars, a decade of sanctions and now suicide-bombings, the average male will live longer in Iraq than in the Calton, Glasgow - according to the Guardian:
Andorra (highest): 80.6

United Kingdom: 75.9

Gaza Strip: 70.5

Iraq: 67

Calton, Glasgow: 53.9

Liberia: 38.9

Swaziland (lowest): 32.5
Average life expectancy in Glasgow is actually 69 - the lowest in the UK. But as everyone knows, if you stick your feet in the freezer and your head in the oven, on average you'll be perfectly comfortable. In Glasgow's case, if you live in the East End, there's no need to move to Andorra: average life expectancy in Bearsden, one of Glasgow's wealthiest suburbs, is 87.7. That's 34 years of a difference depending where you live in this city. Surely that's got to be a record of some kind?

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