Thursday, January 12, 2006

Cardinal in ethnic row over 'Christian Scotland' remarks

It seems Cardinal O'Brien reckons that people of other faiths in Scotland need to get real and recognise this is a Christian country. News to me too - what with the number of churches that get turned into pubs these days. But I think he means historically:
"He said Christianity had been present in Scotland since St Ninian landed at Whithorn in AD397, but that the country no longer lived up to Christian standards: 'I feel I must take a stand when Christianity itself is questioned in this country'."
Yep, country sure has gone to the dogs since it became secular: I haven't been to a witch-burning in months and the last time we executed anyone for atheism was away back in 1697! Political correctness gone mad, I tell you.

I've got something I think Cardinal O'Brien should get real about: hanging around this part of the world, it can't have escaped his attention that there have been two branches of Christianity who have had - how it put it delicately? - a few differences over the years. And the last time Scotland really was a Christian country, it was the boys who had fallen under the spell of that mental French lawyer who were calling the shots. Memory prompt: your lot didn't fare so well under that regime, your, er, Cardinalness. (?)

In today's Scotland, one can go to kirk, or chapel, or mosque, or temple and worship as they please. Most people don't bother with any of the above. It's that reality that really pisses people of Cardinal O'Brien's ilk right off. I wish they'd calm themselves right down: no, it wasn't always like this; used to be much worse.

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