Thursday, January 12, 2006

People losing their damn minds #2

Who else? The person who wrote the course descriptor shown below. The identity of the writer and the institution she represents have been concealed to protect the guilty. This is a verbatim copy of a course descriptor designed to be included in the MEd at _______ University:
"(9TDS): Ethnic Diversity and Education: From a Global Perspective One of the most important challenges that teachers face today is how to equip all pupils with the necessary cognitive, emotional and social skills to enable them to negotiate their position in the changing climate of interculturalism and globalisation. The last four decades of the twentieth century witnessed the emergence of intellectual and political movements led by the indigenous peoples, national minorities, old and new immigrants, feminists and other excluded groups. They represent views and ways of life that is, to much extent, are discouraged and disapproved by dominant cultures. The education systems in many Western European countries reflect such disapproval through their assimilation and homogenisation of cultures and identity. Homogenisation and assimilation can prove to be contrary to the current challenges in education, which is to create a balance between social justice and competitiveness. This module will focus on increasing critical understanding on the current educational ideologies on race, culture, inclusion, interdependence and globalisation. It will also facilitate participants in using multiple perspective approach in classrooms to raise pupils’ critical analytical skills and the realization of the interconnectedness between globalisation and knowledge capitalism."
Let it sink in - the person responsible for this semi-literate bilge intends to teach a masters degree to teachers, who up here are all gradutes. Woman's done gone lost her damn mind - along with any teachers insane enough to sign up for this.

(From K via email - thanks)

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