Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Labour rebels demand total smoking ban

From the Guardian:
"A total ban on smoking in all English pubs appeared to be drawing closer tonight, after rebel MPs tabled an amendment demanding that the government's proposed partial ban be made comprehensive.

Chair of the health select committee, Labour MP Keith Barron, revealed that the government was considering allowing a free vote on the amendment - which would almost certainly see it passed."
Heartwarming, isn't it? A backbench rebellion limiting our liberty in order to save the working classes from themselves. The logic appears to be that the partial ban would have been insufficient to curtail the activities of the peasants:
"Critics argued that such a distinction would further exacerbate health problems between rich and poor, with working-class, saloon-style bars continuing to allow smoking, whilst upmarket gastropubs or family-orientated public houses banned it."
I'd really like to see the health committee's research which supports this idea that only the middle-classes eat in 'family-orientated public houses'. Patronising gits.

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