Saturday, January 14, 2006

People losing their damn minds #4

Gordon Brown for saying we need to plonk the union flag in every garden to combat globalisation and the BNP:
"The Chancellor will say that Britain can only respond effectively and confidently to globalisation if its people have "a clear view of what being British means and how you define national identity for the modern world".

In a speech that is bound to anger some on the Labour Left, he will suggest that homeowners imitate the Americans by planting "a (Union) flag in every garden" and will float the idea of a "British day" on which uniquely British ideas and values can be celebrated."
Now the idea that you can just cut and copy American-style patriotism and paste it onto the British psyche is fairly silly at the best of times but you could maybe just smile and nod politely whilst shuffling away quietly if it were being espoused by someone - an English dude, perhaps - who didn't know any better. But Gordy's a Scot and is surely aware that in this neck of the woods that this isn't exactly a recipe for good community relations?

Tip for anyone new to the area: if your neighbours look like this, do not under any circumstances follow Gordy's advice

Man's done gone and lost his damn mind.

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