Friday, October 27, 2006

Hewitt: "Hit the young with alcopop tax"

From the Grauniad:
"A swingeing increase in tax on alcopops and other alcoholic drinks favoured by teenagers is being demanded by the health secretary, Patricia Hewitt, in an attempt to stop young people damaging their health by binge drinking.

She has written to the chancellor asking him to ratchet up the cost of alcohol in his next budget, to price it beyond the reach of youngsters' earnings or pocket money."
Young people today - don't know they're born. We had to make do with cider and evo-stick.

Thing is, if it's their 'pocket money' they're spending, aren't they too young to drink? So it's a problem of getting access to it in the first place. Still, might work. How about a tracksuit tax too?

Not that I'm being classist - Goths would get it too, with a tax on Kurt Kobain t-shirts and piercings.

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