Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Secularism again

From the Scotsman:
"TONY Blair, the Prime Minister, took on the head of the Catholic Church in Scotland yesterday, insisting that Cardinal Keith O'Brien's newly-declared support for Scottish independence should carry no weight with his flock.

Cardinal O'Brien infuriated Scottish Labour figures by saying at the weekend he would be "happy" for Scotland to become independent and that he could see growing public support for the move.
"I wouldn't have thought it is a matter of religious faith, at least I hope not," Mr Blair said when asked about the cardinal's views on independence."
Alex Salmond, the SNP leader said:
"While obviously I agree with the Cardinal, I also share the Prime Minister's view that this can hardly be considered a matter of faith."
No, of course he didn't - slimy creep that he is. What he actually said was:
"Blair sounds like a man in a state of total panic as Scottish opinion moves steadily toward independence... Any attacks from Blair on this issue will only strengthen support for independence even further."
Army generals, clerics - regardless of constitutional niceties like the separation of church from state or civilian control of the military, it seems any public contribution is welcome from them if our politicians think they can gain some partisan advantage from it.

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