Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A house divided against itself

Cannot stand, according to Matthew's gospel. David Osler has a story I missed about the possibility of Galloway challenging Sheridan in the 2007 Scottish Parliamentary elections:
"'George Galloway’s party is preparing to challenge Tommy Sheridan in the Scottish parliament elections, following tabloid allegations about the former Scottish Socialist party leader’s private life.

'The London MP and leader of the Respect party has long been a supporter of Sheridan and struck a deal not to challenge him in Scotland. But if Sheridan is charged with perjury after claims by the News of the World that he lied in court, Respect will stand against him.'

Given that the Socialist Workers' Party is the core component of both Respect and Sheridan's new vehicle Solidarity, it will be interesting to see how they square this circle. For, as the Bible makes plain in Matthew 6:24, no man can serve two masters."
Not a particularly edifying choice - but not a difficult one either. I sincerely hope the story isn't true because otherwise I'd find myself in the uncomfortable position of rooting for Sheridan.

But I'm sceptical about this story. Would someone with an ego of George Galloway's proportions see a Holyrood seat as a suitable goal? We'll see - but I doubt it.


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