Friday, October 27, 2006

Unlikely ministerial quote of the year

Alan Johnston - in this administration - has said:
"We don't need the blunt instrument of legislation".
Funny, because on most other occasions, the 'blunt intrument of legislation' is the first thing this shower reach for.

This has to do with the government's caving in to the religious lobby who don't want their pristine believing kids mixing with the unwashed, and worse, the irreligious unwashed.

Vincent Nichols, the Catholic Archbishop of Birmingham, said that Mr Johnson understood it was "quite unacceptable to force into a new Catholic school 25% of people who were not particularly sympathetic to that faith".

It's also quite unacceptable to fleece the tax-payer to pay for schools that can exclude their children if they are not 'particularly sympathetic' to the 'ethos' of the school.

Secular schools - never gonna happen. Not with our present political class.

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