Thursday, February 22, 2007

Back to normal

Italy, that is.

Reminds me of that old joke: what lasts longer, an Italian government or a wine gum?

Or was it a Pope and a wine gum? (This would be a joke that pre-dates ol' John Paul, obviously.)


dearieme said...

A wine gum. Infallibly.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shuggy I seem to have upset Sunny. See following;

Wow! Sunny reveals his true mindset ( post 75 ). I am sure that Kulvinder with his hardcore libertarian views will be mightily upset.
By the way I did not use the term “fuck off” first, and I regarded it as mildly insulting when you told me to do so (post 26 ). Indeed I apologized for my use of the term “tosser” in relation to Kulvinder (post 36 ).
I should really have used the term “anarchist” in relation to Kulvinders world view. He continuously uses the word statist, where I would use the word society.

Shuggy said...

I've been reading the thread. I wouldn't hold up much hope for having a sensible conversation, if I were you. Kulvinder, for example, is 'cool' with the idea of teaching naked 12 year old girls. It's not just a question of him being unacquainted with how schools work - it has to do with a disengagement with how people actually live in society. Clue: for the most part - in my experience, anyway - they tend to were clothes in public. This, in my view, is a good thing - although this may simply be down to the fact that like most men my age, I look better with the clothes on.

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