Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Siesta time

Apologies for light posting. Amongst other things I've been following sound medial advice:
"TAKING a siesta could significantly cut the chance of dying from a heart attack, a major study has found.

Researchers who examined more than 23,000 men and women in Greece found that the those who took a midday nap of 30 minutes or more at least three times a week had 37 per cent less risk of heart-related death, over a period of about six years, than those who did not nap.

And among working men the health benefits appeared even more profound, with the chance of death from coronary heart disease some 64 per cent lower."
D'ya think the same government that lectures us on the dangers of smoking, drinking and cocaine, along with not taking exercise and having a crappy diet will start hectoring us to down tools in the afternoon and take a wee nap? Neither do I.

Meanwhile, there's Dave Cameron's drugs thingy. This sort of story annoys me for three reasons:

1) I'd tend to agree with Jamie K, this story in particular looks contrived. The question is, why?

2) Don't know about anyone else but these 'revelations' and 'confessions' don't make me identify with politician any more easily because what they reveal is either a) they are and were a bunch of pathetic lightweights, or more likely b) still lying to us and again the question is, why?

3) What's this shit about being entitled to a 'private past'? I'd be happy to extent this to our political class if they extended the same privilege to me. But they don't. In teaching, no conviction - even one for the possession of a controlled class B or C substance - is considered 'spent'. So why should it be for politicians, eh?


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Now, Shuggy, let's not go overboard (re #3). You don't want to be measured by the same criteria as them politicos. I believe you also would prefer not to be talked about in the way we all talk about them. Etc.

Let the slime drink, sniff and generally debase themselves. It is probably their desensitization boot camp training.

Bill said...

In teaching, no conviction - even one for the possession of a controlled class B or C substance - is considered 'spent'. So why should it be for politicians, eh?

You really mustn't ask these terribly embarrassing questions ;) - although I've never used any of these 'controlled' substances, plenty opportunity mind, just don't like putting rubbish in my body (other than cream cakes, of course, gotta have those - but they're not illegal, yet), I don't care very much what other people do. Wasn't aware that the rules were so strict for teachers - I can hardly believe, though, that there are no teachers who have never indulged or is it a variant of "don't ask, don't tell"?

Bill said...

- Oh and of course DC hasn't been convicted of, far less charged with, an offence - if he had been I doubt if there would be much hope/fear of him going further in politics.

Vincent Riccio said...

Seen your post about the Siesta study.

Check out our online campaign for further study into Siesta.


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