Friday, February 16, 2007

Supermarket bans buckie

From the Scotsman:
"A SCOTTISH supermarket chain has banned Buckfast from its shelves after complaints that the tonic wine is fuelling antisocial behaviour by young people.

The David Sands supermarket group said it had decided to ban Buckfast as part of its commitment to help tackle social problems in the communities it served.

The move came after a request by the Dunfermline and West Fife MP, Willie Rennie, who hopes that other retailers will follow."
The response of un-named 'drink distributors' was quite amusing, I thought:
"[They] hit back, saying Scottish politicians have "lost the plot" and compared it to banning one brand of cigarettes in order to prevent lung cancer."
I'm not in favour of banning buckie but the analogy isn't really accurate because (killer fact time) Buckfast has more caffine in it than Red Bull, apparently. Next best thing if you don't have any Peruvian marching powder, in other words.


Anonymous said...

The scene is Sheffield on a peaceful autumnal afternoon. Returning from a Marxist indoctrination camp I wearily stagger up Division Street.

Just as I pass in front of the Spar 2 likely lads burst out in front of me brandishing 2 bottles of said Fuckfast.

Says Harry to Jack, "Make sure you drink to the bottom... that's where the chemicals are!"

Malcolm said...

Buckfast ? Weak rubbish.
What you need is Aldi brand vodka, £5.40 per litre from an Aldi near you !

Anonymous said...

Does Wincarnis--according to 'Private Eye' the favourite tipple of Harold Wilson-- still exist and is it as potent as Buckie? There's an interesting socio-anthropological study in here anent the way 'tonic wines' have moved from being the means of inebriation for genteel soaks such as maiden aunts of Nonconformist tendencies to being the bevvie of choice for adolescent hard men...

Anonymous said...

Ah! David Sands...lots of good quality cheap plonk. Much better than the big stores for old soaks like me who refuse to pay more than £6 a bottle. Good bargain Malts too.

I have noticed that Sands is pretty zealous on the matter of youth drinking and always demand proof of age, so this does not really surprise me.

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