Thursday, February 22, 2007

Meeting the needs of Muslim pupils in state schools

What we need to do can be found here (pdf).

They had my sympathy for a few pages. I mean, you need time off classes for religious devotion? I'm cool with that. More pupils should take more time off, in my view. As far as the classroom is concerned, less is more.

Then it started to get on my nerves. Like this bit, for example:
"When Ramadan falls during the winter months, after-school detention or activities for a pupil who is fasting could mean that the pupil is not able to reach home in time to break their fast.

Whilst accepting full responsibility for breaching school rules, schools should be aware that pupils are able to carry out their religious duty of breaking the fast on time. A drink or anything to eat is sufficient and many schools do make this provision available when required. Some parents may request that their children break the fast at home with their family."
Oh really? Well if it's that important, there shouldn't be any problem with persuading their children to behave. Then they wouldn't have detention and the problem wouldn't arise, ok?

Or this:
"Whilst fasting, Muslims are not permitted to engage in any sexual relations and are expected to take measures to avoid sexual thoughts and discourse. Schools are therefore advised to avoid scheduling the teaching of sex and relationship education, including aspects that are part of the science curriculum, during Ramadan."
Look - if you find yourself inflamed with lust after participating in the average school's personal and social education programme, this really is rather your problem, methinks. Anything else? Like having the entire building moved a little to the left or something?


Will said...

Is this pish advice or instructions?

if advice - ignore.

if instructions - ignore.

FlyingRodent said...

I can't think of any way to stop teenagers having sexual thoughts beyond the Ludovico programme or bromide in their milk.

Let the MCB issue its little pronouncements, I seriously doubt that they even have serious support amongst other Muslims.

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