Monday, April 17, 2006


Silvio Berlusconi and his inability to admit defeat gracefully. Seems he's getting on everyone's nerves now:
"The first cracks appeared yesterday in the alliance that sustained Silvio Berlusconi's five-year premiership, as former allies vented frustration at his refusal to concede defeat in Italy's election.

Signs that members of his centre-Right coalition are beginning to desert him emerged as Mr Berlusconi, 69, retreated to his villa in Sardinia to tend his cactuses and lick his political wounds - still continuing to insist that all was not lost.

Leading the attack from the Right, Roberto Castelli, who was Mr Berlusconi's justice minister and is a member of the Northern League - the smallest party in the alliance - brusquely dismissed the prime minister's latest demand for a power-sharing coalition with the victor, Romano Prodi, 66.

Such proposals, said Mr Castelli, "can be smelt a mile away as palace manoeuvres of power, which frankly don't interest us"."
"All is not lost" indeed! It is, because you did. Lose, that is.

Which serves you right, you corrupt, useless tosser.

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