Monday, April 17, 2006

Profound educational annoyances

Calling all business-persons presently funding the new flagship City Academies: Her Majesty's Government needs the sort of wisdom and expertise previously witnessed in the management of such noble enterprises as Railtrack and teaching creationism in schools to serve in the House of Lords. No, really. Our unelected branch of the legislature needs you!
"Downing Street changed tack in the "cash for honours" controversy yesterday by openly asserting it had always wanted business sponsors of city academy schools to join the House of Lords, arguing that their personal knowledge of the government's education programme would add to the debate in the upper house."
That'll be why 30% of City Academy funders already have some sort of Honour already. It's clearly not enough. Lord Adonis needs you. Dammit, your country needs you.

For any overseas readers, this is what's known as an "Honours system".

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