Saturday, April 01, 2006

Maddy and the 'rise of raunch'

Undettered by some of the responses she has received to her previous questions, Maddy has another for us:
"Can you provide the best orgasms ever?"
Phew! A little different from her usual, I think you'll agree. I now feel under pressure... which is the point she is trying to make:
"(T)he compulsion to compete and excel is now as true of the bed as the office or the housing market. We've deregulated the market in intimacy over the last 30 or so years; as the taboos and inhibitions have been dismantled, so the pressure to sexually perform has emerged."
Housing market, office, bedroom? Don't really recognise any of this - must be a London thing, I suppose? Lack of recognition is a common experience on reading Our Madds, like this for example:
"(M)en no longer need to seduce women - they've outsourced that role to a media culture."
Is this another London thing? Y'all have the media pulling your women for you with no need for pursuit, charm, chat-up lines and all that? Goodness me - I feel I'm missing out.

Or rather I might if I didn't know, and as the beeb noted recently, that reports about the death of traditional sexual mores have been greatly exaggerated. Which is not to say that Maddy hasn't on this occasion identified a couple of genuine social issues but I'd suggest that her nightmare world where sexual freedom always means slavery is, ironically, rather a product of the very same media she claims is making us all drunken slags.

Maddy, you're turning into a sort of anti-war Melanie Phillips - you do realise that, don't you?

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