Sunday, April 30, 2006

Call to end testing 'obsession'

From the beeb:
"The government must give up its 'continuing obsession' with testing England's schoolchildren, a head teachers' leader has said."
Dr Hamilton might as well talk to a plank, for all the good this will do. They're going to turn your schools into supermarkets, ok? They're not interested. This should be obvious by now.

It should also now be obvious that they are incapable of drawing any conclusions from the fact that the UK has amongst the highest class-sizes in Europe and one of the shittiest education systems. It's the one feature of the 'best practice' found in the private sector that the government is inexplicably averse to. Let's focus on the uniforms instead.

Having said that, I don't care much for Dr Hamilton's age-class size formula:
"Dr Hamilton suggested the best way to organise classes would be to multiply a child's age by two, so a five-year-old would be in a class of 10 pupils."
At the other end of the scale surely health and safety regulations would outlaw a class of thirty-four seventeen year-olds in an enclosed space? The average classroom isn't that well-ventilated.

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