Thursday, April 27, 2006


So I am - due to the fact that my employers and I are going through a divorce. Due to irreconcilable differences. They think they're not responsible for running lunatic asylums and then trying to pass them off as schools. I can't even bring myself to pretend this is anything other than a damnable lie.

Anyway, this is why time is pressing but this from Danny Finkelstein on the Euston Manifesto is worth reading. Didn't really agree with it but don't have time to explain why. However, this treatment of it from Chris Dillow is most excellent. Chris is also not a signatory to the Manifesto and of all the reasons for not signing, this is the best so far:
"Now, I write as a non-signatory to the Manifesto. But this is because I think the (futile) goods of excellence, of expressing a left-liberal tradition, are best pursued by ignoring village idiots, not by engaging with them."
It takes a special kind of skill to word a rejection in such a way as to make your heart glad. If he applies this technique to his personal relationships, I say the man's a genius.

Must get back to the matter in hand; seeking out an alternative career that would give more job satisfaction and is more highly regarded in society. Does anyone know if MacDonald's are recruiting?

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