Thursday, April 27, 2006

"This is how Tories must have felt at end"

From the Scotsman:
"One minister said there was now a feeling of desperation within the government. "There's just a really miserable atmosphere at the moment - people are walking around with these grim, grim faces," he said. "No-one believes the polls - we feel like we're miles behind and nothing goes right. This must be how the Tories felt towards the end."
And it'll come as no surprise you that it's Charlie Two Lunches that is the greatest source of the back-bench blues:
"Mr Clarke...appeared to be in the worst and most immediate danger last night... When Labour officials yesterday called around MPs asking them to defend the Home Secretary on television and radio, more than one refused to "defend the indefensible".
You mean there were some that actually agreed? Lost their damn minds, no mistake.

Charles Clarke: Incapable of embarrassment, clearly. And this on top of the damn mind losing incident.

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