Monday, June 12, 2006

Firm cancels Scots event after World Cup snub to England

The Scotsman reports on an English company that's decided to take its ball home:
"JACK McConnell, the First Minister, was accused last night of damaging the Scottish economy after it emerged that a company had cancelled a conference in Scotland in response to his "anti-English" approach to the World Cup.

The Scotsman has learned that the English company's managers reacted angrily to Mr McConnell support for Trinidad and Tobago, one of England's World Cup opponents, and wrote to the Scottish Tourism Forum (STF) saying it had decided to pull out of the event planned for a hotel north of the Border."
I notice HP has picked up the story. Scroll down the comments: racism is a rather eccentric way of demonstrating your opposition to the perception of anti-English racism, I think you'll agree. I particularly liked this one:
"[The Scots] love anyone who opposes the English for no better reason than that they oppose the people who dragged them out of the Pictish mud and let them achieve things they never could on their own."
Charming. As well as a certain benevolence towards their genetic inferiors, the English can count amongst their qualities a certain ingenuity - which this World Cup season demonstrates very well. Think about it: they tell people from other countries what team they should cheer for and if anyone should disagree, they are accused of racism.

Genius - I bet no other country on the face of the planet thought of doing that.

This kind of thinking built an Empire, don't you know.

Go Trinidad and Tobago.

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