Tuesday, June 13, 2006

World cup recantation

I retract the 'anyone but England' line in favour of anyone except who Gary Younge supports. For just when I thought the Gruaniad couldn't get any more wanky and self-important, I discover Gazza has a column that tells the ethical football supporter whom they should cheer for. Today he guides the perplexed through the moral minefield of South Korea vs Togo:
"South Korea is in Iraq; Togo is in a mess. Last year security forces and militia there murdered hundreds and injured thousands in the run-up to the sham presidential election. The choice between a rich nation that goes abroad to kill foreigners and a poor one that does its dirty work at home is not much of one. True, South Korea recently appointed its first female prime minister. But she will still be complicit in far more civilian deaths than Togo's hypermasculine elite ever could be."
Can you even imagine taking this seriously? Would you ever adjust your football preferences after reading this? Then kill yourself. Now.

(Hat tip: Norm)

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